Performance anxiety? Don’t search for your own advert!
  • By Victoria Fairbrother

    Social Media Executive

But, WHY shouldn’t I look for my ad on Google? It’s MY advert. As digital marketing specialists we often see similar patterns with our customers. One of the biggest things we see with paid Google ads (PPC) is that clients want to search for their ad to see what it looks like, where it appears, which page it is on and to see the text used (and just to know that it’s on relevant search engines).

In truth, this is one of the worst things you can do for your paid advertising.

You know that your advert has been set to the best location, keywords etc for your business – so let’s discuss a few of the reasons why (if you want the best results) you are damaging your ads:

  • Your advert is ranked by how relevant it is… if you search for your ad but don’t click through to your website or buy anything, then Google will determine that your ad isn’t relevant to the search terms. This means that your quality rating will fall along with your results.
  • The cost of running your advert may be increased, meaning that when you do get a click or a conversion the cost per click or per phone call will become higher. Less results for the same money? Doesn’t sound great.
  • You are jeopardising your own results. Want to look at your reporting and have an accurate understanding of which keywords are working? You won’t know which results are from potential customers, or from you searching for yourself.
  • You may get your IP address blocked by Google! If you constantly search for your ads but don’t engage with them, Google will decide that your advert isn’t relevant to you and will block you from seeing it all together.
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If you want to see what your advert looks like, use the Ad Preview Tool!

Using 3rd party services to run your campaign for you? Trust that they know what they are doing and work with them to get the best results from your campaign. Discuss your keywords and matches. Make sure you are confident and happy with the broad, phrase and exact matches and the locations – then trust that Googles algorithms are doing the challenging work for you.

Your results still less-than-desirable? Then it could be down to your landing page. Speak to us to find out more about our sleek, optimised websites.

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