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  • By Victoria Fairbrother

    Social Media Executive

A lot of people have noticed a dip in likes, shares and comments on their business pages in 2018. As much as this may be a little disheartening, it’s not the end of your social exposure. Facebook has made a promise to its users to create a more personalised, family-friendly platform that prioritises posts from relatives, friends and loved ones. After all, who wants to be spammed with ads and never get to hear from the people who matter the most?

Sharing posts about how Facebook is trying to squash small businesses by blocking them from news feeds is not going to help! It isn’t accurate, and it can also appear to be quite ‘spammy’ – ironically causing those who do see the post to unlike the page.

The good news is that if you take the time to love and nurture your business page like a garden, it will blossom and grow into a stable source of traffic, engagement and brand awareness.

The Social Media Squad at UK are here to offer hints and tips for you to get the most from your page!

Let’s talk about using images

The big problem we often see with our client’s pages is inferior quality images and graphics. When it comes to the digital world, we often judge a Facebook page by its cover photo.

We recommend using the best-quality logo you can find on a simple white background for your profile picture, and choose 3-4 images which represent your products and services to clearly show visitors what to expect from your page.


If you use small, mediocre quality images then you are telling your audience the quality they can expect from your services. Taking the time to use a digital camera, or even hiring a professional, instead of using your camera phone could be the difference between 10 likes and 100 likes.

Your images represent 60% of your post! There are websites that you can source free stock images from to help improve the overall quality of your page ( We recommend using images that are at least 1000 X 1000 pixels.

Finding positive, clear images will encourage your fans and followers to share your content. It’s also not a myth that cats perform better than dogs when it comes to online engagement! Share the occasional feline photograph to give yourself a little boost!


To summarise, Facebook isn’t punishing you for being a small business – they are rewarding you for the time, care and attention that you put into maintaining your page and the level of care that goes into engaging with your ideal audience.

Increase your quality score, and you will increase your exposure and reach in time.

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