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Stay in control of your businesses online presence

Any SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy can be separated in to two different, major sections:

On page SEO: This includes many aspects of data on your site including but not limited to: Page titles, page descriptions, URL extensions and on page content of your website.

Off page SEO: This includes the data that can be found on third party websites about you including company name, address, phone number and on page content i.e. business descriptions etc.

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Bust through all the website jargon, with Dan Hallsworth

In this day in age, it is easy to get lost in the abyss that is also known as the internet! You’re an expert in what you do – so let us help you in understanding the “techy” terms surrounding your website and its features.

If you are new to the world of websites, we’d like to help you understand the ‘gobbledygook’ that can baffle and bemuse some of us.

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